Discover the 5-Step System to Go From Fat,

Bloated, Foggy & Achy

to Lean, Light, Energetic and Happy!

Dear “Fed Up With Feeling Fat, Bloated, Tired and Achy”,

Of course, you want to feel lean, light, energetic and happy. But you’ve tried so many products and programs you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. You just want the stubborn weight, bloating, gas, achiness, fatigue and brainfog to stop more than anything else, and you should! You deserve more than to feel like you are going through life in a fat, bloated, achy, groggy, fog.

That’s where I come in. My name is Sarah Reilly and I’m a Certified Nutritionist who’s expertise is inflammation and stomach health and how it impacts your ENTIRE body. Yes, that’s right, in fact it is the inflammation on the lining of your small intestines that can impact EVERYWHERE else in your body including your gut, joints, muscles, belly AND brain!

Just 8 years ago, I was bloated, tired, achy, foggy and had chronic muscle and joint pain.

I tried everything from cleanses, going vegetarian/vegan, pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, food restriction, you name it, I tried it.

Just when I was about to throw in the towel thinking that this is just “how my life is going to be,” the breakthrough finally came… I was sitting at the table eating my dinner and realized as soon as I put a tomato in my mouth, I started to have pain symptoms in my legs and arms and I was bloated and foggy for the rest of the day. “How could it be?” Tomatoes are healthy!” I thought to myself – “a tomato?!” So, I started watching other things that were going into my mouth. I started watching the connection between what was going into my mouth and how much I was bloated, puffy, tired and achy.

As I started connecting these dots, I realized certain foods I would have never imagined were making me feel fat, bloated, achy, tired and foggy. Later, when I went back to school to become a nutritionist it all made sense.

I started to study stomach health and how it relates to, and impacts the rest of the body, especially the brain. I discovered certain foods that can “inflame” the body and set off immune and inflammatory responses throughout the entire body by aggravating the delicate lining of the small intestine and creating what is called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

(By the way, to eliminate any confusion, when I talk about stomach in regards to this program, I am referring to the entire Gastrointestinal system – the stomach organ, the small and large intestines, gallbladder and pancreas).

Through years of research and clinical experience, I discovered:

    • How specific foods, chemicals, infections, drugs, antibiotics and stress damage the delicate lining of your small intestines leading to a porous intestinal lining (also known as Leaky Gut Syndrome).
    • Then I learned how unbroken down food particles “leak” through the porous intestinal lining into your circulation. This creates an inflammatory immune response which then results in a “sensitivity” to these foods which then leads to you feeling fat, bloated, groggy, foggy and achy (for days at a time) every time you eat them .

Then I witnessed:

    • The powerful impact of actually removing these inflammatory foods that clients had become “sensitive” to and witnessed how they would effortlessly drop fat, have more energy, eliminate bloating/gas, decrease pain and sky rocket their happiness and confidence.

Then I continued to learn:

    • How to strategically test exactly which foods are causing the inflammation in your unique body (this is even more accurate than blood tests).
    • How to restore the digestive juices that help us break down and absorb nutrients.
    • How to re-establish the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut to maintain your immunity and gut lining
    • How to repair the delicate lining of the small intestines that have become porous and leaky.

Out of all this experience and research, I created a 5-Step easy to follow system that takes out the bad stuff that is silently creating inflammation in your body and life and helps you restore your gut so you can feel lean, light, energetic and happy.

Out of all my research, clinical practice and personal experience, The 5-Step Jump Start Your Stomach Health System was born.

I have tested it over and over again. {I wanted to make sure it wasn’t an one-time fluke, so I taught this same method to others, and they too, got consistent results.} It actually first took me by surprise the phenomenal results that myself AND my clients got from this program.

Rosemary – Fairfax, California
When I started this program I was depressed. My muscles and joints hurt. I felt bloated, fat, had a constant headache and was SO tired that I just wanted to hide.

Then after using the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System for just 3 weeks, here is what that same person had to report:

I have lost 7 pounds without even trying and lost more belly weight than I ever have on ANY DIET I have EVER been on! I can’t believe my bloating is even gone. This program really works. I mean, the belly weight is just dropping off! I don’t even have cravings anymore. That is huge. I finally fit into pants that I hadn’t fit into in years! I also have so much more confidence in my clothes. My energy has been at a 10. Not only that but my joint and muscle pain is gone. This is blowing my mind! I feel clear, no headache, not tired and I have amazing energy. It is definitely a good program. It definitely works!


This same system can work for you.

I know, because it has worked for dozens of people just like you.

Have a peek at these real-life examples:

Elizabeth – Walnut Creek, Ca
When I met Sarah Reilly, I had already had a food sensitivity blood test done which identified sensitivities to 29 foods. I had eliminated the 29 foods from my diet for about a month and was feeling better and had lost a few pounds. When Sarah told me that she could help me actually heal my gut, I signed up for her program. I am very glad I did. I have lost a total of 20 pounds effortlessly since the blood test by working with Sarah. My Cravings are GONE! – I”ve never NOT had cravings in my life.This program has almost eliminated all the cravings that recently had always controlled my life! I can now walk away from any food no matter how good it looks even when I am really hungry. I have totally eliminated the flatulence and bloating that I suffered all my life. My rosacea is almost gone and my skin looks better than ever. I had small lesions on my legs that have almost completely disappeared now. Even my body odor has disappeared. Sarah helped me finally come to grips with the fact that it is of utmost importance that I manage my diet to maintain my gut health. I highly recommend that anyone with GI problems work with a nutritionist who is specifically trained to address GI problems. I could not have achieved this level of health without Sarah’s help.

Sadey – Mill Valley, California
I can’t believe this. I have just dropped this weight without even trying to specifically lose weight. I have lost 10 pounds and 2 inches in my waist. I had to buy belts to hold up my pants! I used to have chronic joint and muscle pain and it’s just not there anymore. My plantar fasciitis is even gone. That is huge. I feel so light. My mind is so much more clear too, I didn’t realize what a fog I was living in until the fog in my brain cleared!


Emily – Ontario, Canada
I completed Sarah’s Jump Start Your Stomach Health System and I take with me invaluable skills and knowledge about health, nutrition and my own body. After an initial adjustment period, I feel so much better which means cleaner, increased energy and more efficient digestion. I did something challenging but so good for myself!
Sarah was very knowledge and she really listened. She was genuinely interested in my success and reaching the goals that we had originally discussed. During our weekly calls, she answered all of my questions and gave me strategies to keep me on track. The lessons don’t take much time and Sarah provides tools that make the program easier to implement. The experience has been priceless! Thank you for your coaching and encouragement, Sarah! I didn’t know how bad I had been feeling until I finally started to really feel good.


Linda – Oakland, California
When I started this program I had stubborn belly weight. I had bloating, gas, constant brain fog and short term memory issues. Now I have lost 2.5 inches in my waist and lost 7 lbs. I have no bloating, gas or brain fog. I feel more energetic, more motivated to do things and more aware of what I put into my body. I even sleep better and feel so much more rested. My downfall used to be sweets but now I pass them up and don’t feel deprived. It feels good. I have had a noticeable shift in my memory. That is a big shift. My digestive system is so much better – no bloating or gas and I feel more comfortable. I originally started this program to help with my memory and brain fog and it is 80% better. That is huge for me.


Yeah, but… Can this really work for me?

I promise you, your situation is NOT hopeless.

Most busy folks that struggle with feeling fat, bloated, achy and tired have been fed the 3 unfortunate myths by the media and medical arena.

Here are the 3 biggest myths about feeling bloated, fat, tired and achy
that will never get you the results you want:

  1. The first one is: A drug will fix your problem.
  2. The second one is: Food deprivation and over-exercising will make you lose that bloated belly and excess weight.
  3. The third one is: Food sensitivities don’t exist and even if they did, they won’t make you feel fat, achy, tired and bloated.


Here’s How The Jump Start Your Stomach Health System
Can Help You

You see, I’ve just created a new program called The Jump Start Your Stomach Health System that gives you a step-by-step formula for healing the origin of inflammation in your body that is causing you to feel fat, bloated, tired and achy. This is about healing lining of your small intestine your gut and all the other factors it impacts (such as dropping belly fat, eliminating bloating, decreasing brain fog, increasing energy and easing muscle/joint pain). It’s specially designed for the busy, stressed professional who is fed up with feeling fat, bloated, tired and achy and is ready to finally feel lean, light, energetic and happy again!


Here’s the Transformation that You Can Look Forward To In This
5-Step Jump Start Your Stomach Health System:

Effortlessly drop belly fat
Eliminate belly bloating and gas
Feel light and pain free
Embrace vibrant, balanced energy
Clear your brain fog
Fit into your favorite pants
Regular easy bowel movements
A genuine renewed happiness


Here Is EXACTLY Why This Is Going To Work For You…
Even If Nothing Else Has Ever Worked Before…

    • This system addresses the underlying reasons of your annoying symptoms and isn’t just a temporary band-aid.
    • You will have a strategic system at your fingertips that is scientifically developed and is based on the latest research and science in immune and gut health.
    • You will have the support of myself, your health coach, in addition to your on-line forum community who will be taking each step of this process right along side you.
    • You will have the accountability to continue learning and growing each week as you implement new lessons that you integrate into your life.
    • This system not only works when you are engaged in the program, but the benefits can continue for a lifetime.


Here’s A Sneak Peek of What You’ll Learn Inside
The Jump Start Your Stomach Health System


Week #1
You will learn:

    • The behind the scenes action of your gastrointestinal system via a virtual tour of the inner working of your digestion.
    • How what happens in your gut affects your entire body, belly and brain! This is a huge piece of preventing premature aging and chronic illness.
    • What healthy foods and daily habits are silently sabotaging your health and making you feel fat, tired, achy and bloated. You won’t believe what we uncover!
    • How to make delicious meals and snacks with your new found knowledge of what foods have been working against your best health.


Week #2
You will learn:

    • The 30-second trick that will up-regulate your digestion and fat burning process and is the cheapest most convenient, anti-aging treatment under your nose.
    • Experience the 2 key nutrients that are mandatory to absorb nutrients from your foods. Without these, you are wasting a lot of good money on good food that isn’t effectively being utilized in your body. If you are low in these, you are leaving yourself open to pathogens in your body and prematurely aging our body.
    • How to prevent the everyday factor that prevents you from absorbing nutrients, makes you hungrier and packs on belly weight.


Week #3
You will learn:

    • The key factor in your intestines that boosts your immunity AND fat burning ability and the surprising truth about where over 80% of your immune system really is in your body and how to optimize it. There couldn’t be a better time to do this program with flu season right around the corner.
    • And experience what it is like when this key factor is replenished in your body.
    • How to make delicious foods that nourish and restore your gut.
    • And experience the secret key nutrient for healing your intestinal lining where inflammation has made it weak and “leaky”.
    • And experience how this key nutrient helps you have more energy and think more clear!


Week #4
You will learn:

    • How to master everything you have learned up to this point and perfecting the integration of all your new skills into your life. Clients LOVE this week of “mastery”. They really get to perfect all the various pieces of this program into their life.


Week #5
You will learn:

    • A clear map of foods that serve your unique body and prevent bloating, fatigue, pain and rev up fat burning in addition to the foods that cause you to feel fat, achy, bloated, gassy, cranky and foggy.


This is even more accurate than the most progressive lab testing! The information alone you get from this process in week 5 is well worth the cost of this program!

How To Know If This Program Is Right For You…


This program is PERFECT for you if…

  • You are tired of feeling bloated and/or gassy.
  • You have tried to do everything to drop belly fat and are tired of not fitting into your favorite pants.
  • You feel groggy and tired everyday and have trouble focusing on work or just getting through the day without falling asleep.
  • You suffer from annoying joint and muscle pain that keeps you from being active, productive or comfortable.
  • You have frequent dull headaches that leave you in a haze.
  • You are ready to get to the root cause of your annoying symptoms and don’t just want a quick fix but a long term positive change.
  • You are willing to open your mind, be patient, try new foods and let go of habits that don’t serve you.
  • You are ready to embrace feeling lean, light, energetic and happy.

This program is NOT for you if you are:

  • Wanting a magic pill.
  • You want someone to do all the work for you.
  • You want results over night.
  • Not willing to take new consistent actions that may seem unfamiliar.
  • Not concerned about preventing chronic illness.
  • Not willing to explore the unfamiliar.
  • Not committed to embracing the lean, light, energetic, pain free you!

Here’s How The Program Works…


This 5-Week Program offers you:

    • Support by me, your health mentor who will guide you each step of way.
    • 4 Weekly Educational Audios that educate you in a step wise strategic fashion to guide you how to eat and how to live to heal your stomach.
    • 4 phone Q & A coaching sessions to keep you on track and moving forward to optimal stomach health.
    • Daily Action Guide so you know how to incorporate diet and lifestyle strategies that help heal your gut.
    • Menu plans, recipes and meal strategies so you are never left guessing, “WHAT DO I EAT?!”
    • Supplement Support Kit. This is Strategic nutrient supplementation to help soothe, replenish and regenerate intestinal tissue. These are shipped to your home and are a $250.00 Value.
    • Specific Homeopathics that naturally stimulate healing in your intestines on a cellular level.
    • A clear roadmap of what foods have been silently sabotaging your health.
    • A proven system that gets results based on scientific research, not the latest hype.


Here’s What You Should Do Next…

This is a unique experience. I am going to be personally holding your hand the entire way. I am committed to help you heal your gut, so you can finally feel lean, light, energetic and happy, and finally say goodbye to feeling fat, bloated, achy and tired. Once you say YES to yourself, you are going to be soooo happy you did.

But there’s more because you’ll also get…

5 FREE Bonuses For Enrolling


Free Bonus Gift #1
Bonus Audio Lesson (Value $27)
The Importance of Stomach Health


Free Bonus Gift #2
The Meal Mastery Method for Stomach Health (Value $197)

A simple meal composition system to follow so you will never be left guessing, “What do I eat and HOW do I eat!” This is all done for you to make it easy and streamlined for you to compose meals in 20 minutes or less. These Meal Mastery Tools are so easy and will simplify this process immensely!


Free Bonus Gift #3
Ideal Meal Plans for Optimal Stomach Health (Value $47)

42 Meal Plans and snacks already plotted out for you so all you have to do is follow your calendar of meals and snacks and enjoy!


Free Bonus Gift #4
Free Strategy Session with Sarah (Value $297)

This hour long session focused entirely on YOU will give you the opportunity to work with Sarah personally. At the close of this program you will spend 1 hour with her reviewing your unique obstacles and goals for your health. You will leave this session with a powerful plan for moving forward to achieve optimal health.


Together these 4 free bonuses, supplements and personal coaching with Sarah are worth more than TRIPLE your investment in the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System — I want to remove the financial obstacles so this can be feasible for you. if you have read this far, I KNOW you need it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Money Back Guaranteed

I think you’ll agree that the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System is an incredible bargain for the price…But I understand that you’ve probably heard a lot of promises over the years about decreasing belly weight, bloating, ramping up energy and even decreasing pain. You are right to be suspicious of anything that sounds this good…

I want you to know that I have as much invested in your success in this program as you do… in fact… MORE. And I intend to PROVE IT to you– Try the Jump Start Your Stomach Health System for yourself for 10 days. If you are not blown away by the transformation in your life, then just shoot me a simple, one-line email asking for your money back…

There won’t be any hoops to jump through, no tricks, no special number you were supposed to save to get your refund… just contact me, and I’ll take care of it. It’s that simple.


There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not taking me up on this incredible opportunity to finally stop feeling fat, bloated achy and tired – and start to feel lean, light, energetic and happy.








P.S. If you continue to try and resolve your annoying symptoms the same way, you’re going to get the same results. What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to try this system so you can see for yourself how this scientifically developed step-wise process can help you decrease your belly fat and bloating, increase your energy, improve your muscle and joint pain, and help you achieve the lean, light, energetic and happy “you” you’ve always wanted.

P.P.S. Still undecided? Here are some frequently asked questions that came from my clients before they enrolled:

1. Will I have to starve myself and only do that juice fasting kind of thing?

Absolutely Not! This program is about certain healing foods and eating as much of them as you like. This is NOT a calorie restrictive program and it is not about weight loss (even though that is typically a byproduct of what happens).

2. Why are certain foods better for some than others?

Some people develop sensitivities to foods that make them feel tired, or maybe achy or even gain weight. Other times people already have an inflammatory process going on in their bodies, such as arthritis, autoimmune disorders, infections that make them potentially more sensitive to certain compounds in common foods such as gluten, nightshade, lectins and dairy.

3. Do I really have to leave out wheat on this program?

Yes. Wheat contains gluten. Gluten is a protein that has a proven inflammatory potential for the central nervous system. That means that it inflames the brain. Additionally, it impacts the intestinal lining making it “leaky” which then further promotes inflammation in your body and food sensitivities. A major part of this program is decreasing inflammation in your intestines and thus the rest of your body – including your brain! You will be amazed at how great you feel when this begins to happen.

4. I don’t understand how “healthy” foods can make you fat.

Well, some healthy foods cause inflammation in the body. This is typically when you have sensitivity to that food. This can cause cellular fluid retention or “false fat” and create cravings for these foods. Eventually, this inflammation can make you feel puffy and over time cause fat accumulation.

The Jumpstart Your Stomach Health is NOT another “lose weight & have more energy” diet. In fact, this is NOT about dieting at all. This is a scientifically developed program based on the latest research and science in functional medicine. And yes, you will be surprised just how much food you DO eat while joining all of us on this program.